Hypnotherapy in the Highlands

So often unwanted habits and ways of thinking seem to be completely stuck, and no matter how hard we try we just can’t make the changes that we want. Trying to lose weight…to stop smoking...to feel more confident… to feel less stressed: the list can go on and on. When we do try to change, it seems so difficult…if only we could be more focused, more powerful.



The clinical use of hypnosis is now widely recognized and accepted precisely because it has the fascinating ability to create deep and lasting changes in the way that we think about things, and the way that we act. It is able to do this by communicating with our inner mind and, by showing it a more effective way of being, empower it to make any necessary changes. We can all be more clear, strong and effective than we could ever imagine…



There’s nothing unusual about hypnosis, it’s just like daydreaming, like that state of mind when you become absorbed or fascinated by something that you enjoy. And it’s easy: sitting in a comfortable chair, following simple instructions, a process of deep physical relaxation quite naturally leads to a state of inner calm. In this relaxed state your mind you can forget thoughts about how difficult it is to change and become receptive to new ideas; ideas and suggestions which are all individually created, with your help, for you to get exactly the result that you want. It has long been recognised that imagination is the most powerful and creative resource that we have. The beauty of hypnosis is that it can capture and use your imagination to create just those changes that you are looking for.



Absolutely not. During hypnosis you’re not asleep or unconscious, and you’re aware of everything that is happening. At any point you could make your own decision to return to your normal waking state. What’s more, your inner mind will only accept suggestions that it agrees with and wants to hear. So you can never be influenced in a way that you do not want, and there is no connection between hypnosis used for entertainment purposes and the therapeutic use of hypnosis.



Fears and phobias can sometimes be resolved very quickly. Stopping smoking is usually achieved in 2 sessions. Other issues can sometimes take a little longer, as each session is designed for you alone. You will, however, notice that changes start to happen very quickly.



In recent years there has been a growing interest in the way that hypnotic regression has the remarkable ability to make available to the conscious mind long forgotten information and events. Carefully guided and supported, it can result in amazing, revealing insights about the way we do things, the way that we are. For some people it is a way of helping with symptoms that have become really stuck, and for others there is simply the fascination of exploring, in a safe and supportive setting, what has ‘gone before’. In one single session the journey of discovery can start to unfold…

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