Hypnotherapy Prices

Free Initial consultation As we are all unique, every client I see has a plan of treatment worked out to meet their own particular needs. Because it is so important for you feel comfortable with the treatment that I offer and with me as a practitioner, I offer a free initial consultation at Lifelines in Lochussie. This lasts approximately 30 minutes and you can ask all the questions you want in a safe and confidential environment; it also gives me time to assess how best to help you. At the end of this period you can choose: you may want to continue and start the work straight away, or you may prefer to go away and think it over - either way there is no obligation and you will not in any way be pressurized.


The length of a session is approximately 1 hour

The cost is £40 per session.


You can contact Lifelines

Lifelines, 16 Lochussie, Dingwall IV7 8HJ

Telephone: 01349 861 822 Email: info@lifelines-highland.com


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