Spinal Touch

Spinal touch was developed in the early 20th century by a chiropractor who had previously been trained as a structural engineer specializing in the underpinning of buildings. When he applied engineering principles to his clinical work, he observed that pain and sickness were often accompanied by distortion of posture: hunched shoulders, protruding head, scoliosis, lordosis, hollow chest etc. He also realized that any of these distortions may restrict or otherwise affect the functioning of the internal organs such as the lungs, heart or stomach. By further research and experimentation with body mechanics he made the extraordinary discovery that significant structural changes could be made by the application of very small amounts of pressure, when correctly directed. This became the underlying principle of spinal touch: the lighter the touch, the greater the effect.


Consequently spinal touch is a unique and very gentle treatment that aims to bring the body into balance by realigning the spine with its natural centre of gravity. Because the spine is the fundamental structural support of the body, this realignment allows the release of tension not only here but also throughout the whole body, calming the nerves and playing a central part in restoring health. A treatment involves an initial assessment using a vertical laser line. In this way any distortions in the alignment of the spine become clear and measurable. The measurements made enable the practitioner to create an individual treatment, in which more than 100 points on the spine, shoulders, neck and head are gently massaged. As a result, the muscles relax, allowing the body to be guided towards a more efficient and comfortable structural position. This takes place whilst lying on a treatment couch. At the end of the treatment the vertical laser line is used again to measure the change in the client's posture.


Because it is so very gentle, spinal touch can be used regardless of a person's age or health - from the young to the elderly. (Indeed, clients may fall asleep during the treatment.) Not only can it be used with any other medication or treatment, it also has been known to enhance their effects.


Chris is a registered and experienced practitioner in both shiatsu and spinal touch, and a fully trained nurse. She has full insurance and is governed by a Code of Ethics.

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